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Silicon Nation: 4 upstarts to watch

Best picks from the pages of the Business Journals: Sam Levin, who’s leveraged relationships at Oracle to grow his business; Donna Harris, the co-founder of hot Washington co-working space 1776; Ari Horie, who has turned a passion for helping women into one of Silicon Valley’s most interesting accelerators; and Tatiana Birgisson, whose dorm-room energy concoction is now sold in 30 Whole Foods stores. Read more »


29 leadership qualities you should have before hitting your thirties

by Young Entrepreneur Council Star Staffing ribbon cutting

I recently turned 29. Thinking about the whole growing older thing more deeply made me think about which career goals I've achieved already and why, so I wanted to share some of the things I think have had direct impact on my success so far – as well as some philosophies I think will guide many of us into the future (and into our thirties!).

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    16 minutes ago

Mash up venture and angel approaches and get these early-stage Boston backers

by Sara Castellanos commonangels Maia Heymann

T he startup investing group formerly known as CommonAngels closed on a new $26.5 million fund last week and unveiled its new name: CommonAngels Ventures, a nod to its new hybrid investment model.

The investment group is comprised of about 60 active Boston-area investors who collectively invest in early-stage startups in local area and also provide mentorship, expertise and connections for  ...

46 minutes ago
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How I ... Carry off car washes via text message

by Vandana Sinha Gordon Bob 09092014 01 cx

B ob Gordon doesn't have an office. He comes to your car, wherever it is.

The entrepreneur, who formerly led telecom, cable and health care organizations, has now launched an eco-friendly car wash business: Customers text their requests for car washes most anywhere within 60 minutes.

It's the first in a series of on-demand startups Gordon hopes to eventually helm.

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Greg Hardman ditched a corporate gig to revive iconic beer brands

by Paula Christian, Courier Contributor Hardman Greg

G reg Hardman began working in the beer industry right after he graduated from Ohio University in 1984, first for a distributor in Athens, and then as a salesman for Warsteiner, a high-end German beer.

For 17 years Hardman worked for Warsteiner, eventually being tapped as the president of its North American sales force. The company moved its headquarters, which had been in Chicago, to Cincinnati  ...

20 hours ago

Boston builds a better bulb

by Sara Castellanos 0912 Center campbell greg 29

T he era of the ordinary light bulb is coming to a close.

As energy-efficient LED lighting becomes more pervasive and affordable, a new wave of innovation is occurring in the lighting industry. The proverbial light bulb is becoming smarter, more sensitive, and more capable of transmitting information. And there are at least a dozen companies responsible for ushering in the new generation of  ...

23 hours ago

How a Canadian entrepreneur controls a big chunk of the Internet from a Fort Lauderdale high-rise

by Celia Ampel dot club Colin Campbell

C olin Campbell isn't a billionaire. He doesn't work for Google or Amazon.com. He doesn't live in Silicon Valley. But the unassuming Canadian, operating from a downtown Fort Lauderdale high-rise, now controls a huge new chunk of the Internet.

Campbell is the CEO of .club, one of the world's top-selling new alternatives to .com. With this single piece of Internet real estate, his South Florida  ...

October 18, 2014 | 3:00pm EDT

The final pieces arrive for Portland's athletic footwear and apparel startups

by Matthew Kish Crispin Argento2

C rispin Argento experienced every entrepreneur's dream and nightmare in quick succession. Thanks to a splash of publicity in The New York Times Magazine his bow tie company received two $15,000 orders.

That was the dream.

The nightmare? The orders came so fast he had to return one of the checks. He couldn't keep up with demand.

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October 18, 2014 | 9:00am EDT
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